Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New post for February!

So another month and another blog! I began to have some trouble with my tiny tim tomato plants-they were wilting and loosing color-despite my watering them and their access to sun. I was told-and in retrospect this seems goofy that I didnt think of it-to start giving my plants fertilizer/plant food. My tomatos look a lot better since I have started using plant food.

Also on another note I have bought some other plants: potatos, asparagus and other seedlings to plant soon. I'm excited to begin-but very nervous!

This month for my birthday my boyfriend is getting me a bonsai tree. I hear that these are extremely labor intensive plants-but I think they are really awesome and would like to give it a try. I will be choosing one that can be taken care of indoors and that is specified as "great for beginners."

So wish me luck on my projects and I will keep you posted on my progress. Please feel free to let me know what you guys are working on!