Sunday, March 13, 2011

musings for march

So the bonsai have arrived. I have two-an elm which is supposed to be hardy and good for beginners and a serissa-which I am finding has mixed reviews. According to the website the serissa was good for beginners-but in the book, Indoor Bonsai for Beginners-the serissa is described as being impossible for beginners to care for and even experienced bosnai enthusiasts have trouble keeping this bonsai alive for longer than a couple of years!!! Wish I had read this book before choosing my bonsai.
I have discovered that Birmingham has a bonsai society that meets the second Monday of each month. I plan to attend this monday and learn what I can about taking proper care for these bonsai.

My tiny tim tomato plants are doing extremely well since I have began to fertilize them regularly. They have grown really large and I dont know if I should try to repot them for a third time! Flowers have begun to bloom on my strawberries-but no fruit yet. I have not yet planted the other vegitables and fruits that I bought because the weather has been below 40F at night one week and then London rainy the next.
I will let you guys know how the planting goes once I begin.

I will also post pictures of everything soon!