Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year New Post...Finally! (Christel)

Sorry about the lapse in blog posts-but as everyone knows-the holidays are a busy time. Well my strawberries are going through the gambit of rough weather. I dont really know if they will make it or not but they seem to be ok so far. I repotted my rosemary because I began to worry that it was getting to large for its original pot. I also put in the same planter some chive seedlings (this planter is of course indoors in my kitchen). My lovable, fluffy and sometimes evil cat Mally knocked the planter off the windowsill the other day. I think the rosemary will be fine-but I have no idea if the seeds will grow. Anyway crossed fingers! The tiny tim tomatos are growing very well. The sprouts are more than 5 inches tall and they look very healthy. I have recieved a book from a friend that instructs how to grow things from the scraps in your kitchen-like pieces of potatos and seeds from fruits and vegetables that you get from the grocery. Any way I will begin looking through this and attempting some of the projects.
I will keep ya posted

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